Onirism – Beta Demo

Onirism is a fantastic Ratchet and Clank-esque third person action platforming adventure that sees a little girl venturing into a vibrant and diverse fantasy dream world to get her plushie back, armed with an umbrella and a hairdryer.

Onirism draws inspiration from Zelda, Metroid and Spyro the Dragon, but aside from the fantasy setting, it shares more in common with the Ratchet and Clank series. It features a diverse mix of exploration, puzzle solving, boss fights, precision platforming melee combat and ranged combat with a wide array of cool weaponry. It also features a metroidvania-style progression system that sees you unlocking new skills that allow you access to new areas.

The current Beta demo build features a huge chunk of gameplay and access large area of the game world. You take on the role of Carol, a young girl who travels into a dreamlike fantasy world in search of her plushie, which was stolen by a mysterious shadowy figure. Just because it looks cute, don’t think it’s a walk in the park – the cutesy visuals of Onirism belie some surprisingly tough gameplay that will punish you for your mistakes.

It’s a delightful game that continually surprises as you explore it’s beautiful game world. It’s a place that’s bursting with life and lots of hidden secrets that always make straying off the beaten path worthwhile. A charming, challenging, highly polished and action packed adventure that can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Ratchet and Clank and Spyro. Very highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Onirism Beta Demo Here (Windows)