Onlooker – Student Game Download

Onlooker is a creepy little psychological thriller where you uncover the confessions of a voyeur who peeped on guests via hidden passageways in an old hotel.

Created by a team of four students from Westerdals Oslo, Onlooker is a dark little first person thriller where you take on the role of a journalist who has been given a tip on a story at an old hotel called Hotel Victoria. There’s noone around when you arrive there, but there are messages from a mysterious person called Ben. You were supposed to meet ben ther, but instead he seems to have left a series of notes that will lead you on a trail of confession that revolves around him spying on guests via peepholes in the walls.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, Onlooker’s high quality visuals do a great job of building atmosphere as you sneak about the hidden passageways that Ben had made his home. It’s not a horror game, although it does have a creepy and unsettling atmosphere and the narrative is very dark. It would be nice to see a bit more of the guests that Ben has been spying on (a lot of the time you just peek into an empty room), and the camera ultimately has no function, but it’s an interesting and well told little narrative experience well worth checking out.

Download Onlooker Here (Windows)