Only a Lab Slime – Game Jam Build

Only a Lab Slime, a simple yet fun platformer made for the #FinishThatRemakeJam, has you controlling a giant slime and smashing all of the people in the science lab that creates you with your slimy body!

You are a self-aware slime, created by accident in a vat in a lab. You have an overwhelming desire to escape to freedom, but those pesky humans won’t allow it – time to squish them to a pulp with your huge slime body and head for the exit!

Most of these humans work in a lab and won’t fight back, but once you get into more restricted areas guards and military personnel will begin shooting at you (though splatting them with your big blobby body soon puts an end to that). The lab seems to go on forever, building even higher and forcing you to bounce on platformers to make it higher inside the room.

Only a Lab Slime is a simple concept, but squishing all of the little humans with your slimy body is a very satisfying. A super little slimeformer with lots of human splatting fun!

Play Only a Lab Slime in your Browser Here (Browser)