Only Cassette Coloring! – Game Jam Build Download

Only Cassette Coloring! is a charming little puzzle game where you listen to lo-fi beats and create custom designed mixtapes for clients.

Created for the Super Rare Mixtape Jam, Only Cassette Coloring! is a simple looking, but deceptively complex little puzzle game about creating bespoke mixtapes. In the game a client pops up in the bottom left corner and requests a specific design for their mixtape. You simply need to choose the correct mixture of templates and colors to complete their order. Applying the colors and templates in the correct order is key though and can get pretty tricky as you try to fulfil more complex orders.

An undo button would be nice as one screw up can mess up quite a lot of work on a tape, but other than that it’s a delightful little game. It’s a great concept and you can create a remarkable amount of different designs from your basic collection of tools. See what colorful cassettes you can create!

Download Only Cassette Coloring! Here (Windows)