Only Footsteps – Game Jam Build Download

only footsteps

Only Footsteps, a short and stylish experience made for the CloneJam Kitty Horrorshow, has you wandering around a snowy expanse and exploring a mysterious cave.

Bright red signs guide your way along the barren snow land. You are able to find a strange cave. It looks man made, but no man has ever been to this area. Curious, you go inside to see what you can find.

A large part of Only Footsteps has you exploring this cave. You will find some signs here and there, explaining a strange itching in your ear and what you are thinking. There is no going back, so you will just have to deal with it. Keep moving forward, ignoring the itch, to see where this tunnel ends. Just what the hell is inside the cave?

Download Only Footsteps Here (Win & Mac)