Onward (问经) – Tech Demo

Onward (问经) is an interesting puzzle platforming adventure where you manipulate shadows to help you traverse its beautiful hand painted environments.

Best played with a control pad, in Onward you control the movement of your character with the left analog stick and the movement of the light source that’s shining onto the environment with the right analog stick. The shadows that the light source casts are treated as solid objects which your character can ten walk along or they can even be used to interact with other objects – such as pushing boulders to move them in a direction. As you progress you’ll also learn new abilities, such as slowing down time or turning off the light source altogether.

The current build of Onward features two levels with around 15 minutes of gameplay, and although your character’s platforming skills can feel a little clumsy at times, the shadow manipulating game play shows a lot of promise. Visually it’s very unique too, looking like an old Chinese painting that’s come to life. A pretty, if a little imprecise, little painted shadow manipulating platformer well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Onward Tech Demo Here (Windows)