Oobleck – Game Jam Build


Oobleck, a stylish slime-based puzzle platformer made for the Game Dev League December Jam, has you leaving behind globs of your slime as you destroy red cubes and propel yourself to the end of each level.

You are a blobby blue cube in a slimey world. You have a small meter of slime on the side of the screen which can be used for two major things – giving you a huge boost when jumping and colliding with red blocks to destroy them. When you double jump, slime shoots out from under you until you run out of slime. And as this slime sloshes around on the ground, it can consume the deadly red blocks, destroying them.

Some red blocks shoot at you, others are stuck in small spaces, but all need to be destroyed before you can move onto the next level. You must manage your slime well! In some puzzles, you will be unable to get back up from where you have came from if you do not have slime, forcing you to completely restart the level. Oobleck is quite challenging, but if you make it through all seven levels, you can try to take on the boss!

It’s a fun game, with a very cool minimalist aesthetic and some great globular puzzle platforming gameplay.  A super slimey little adventure.

Play Oobleck Here (Browser)

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