ooOooOOOo – Game Jam Build Download

ooOooOOOo game

ooOooOOOo is a fantastic puzzle game that breaks all the rules to create a unique experience in which players must learn to operate outside of their traditional gaming mindset and alter the game itself.

ooOooOOOo immediately impresses with it’s stylish low poly visuals and serene music, but as soon as you enter the first gate, an error message pops up and the game shuts down!  It’s only when you load up the game again, that you find this wasn’t an error and the game just messing with you – something you’d better get used to as you get sent on an adventure that takes you outwith the bounds of the game, and even requires you to alter the game files themselves.

To say too much more about the puzzles in ooOooOOOo will ruin the surprises, but it’s a remarkable little game that really does make you think outside the box.  A truly unique lilt puzzler that we can’t recommend highly enough!

Tip:  If you can’t be bothered typing out the url for the first puzzle, click here

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Note 2:  There’s even more to find after you’ve completed the game.  Legend tells of the the mythical Treasure Box of David…

Download ooOooOOOo Here (Windows Only – Link at Bottom of Page)