Open The Door And Smile – Game Jam Build Download

Open The Door and Smile game

Open The Door and Smile is a short and surprisingly dark first person narrative that explores themes of broken relationships, drug use and custody battles.

You wake up in your apartment, with blurry vision and a text from your ex-partner saying that the police are on their way.  There are bottles of pills scattered around the house and you must dispose of them before they arrive, but you’ll need to focus your drug-addled mind to do so.  After a while you’ll slowly start to drift out of consciousness, so have to press the right mouse button to focus (and also to switch between actions).

There are 6 possible endings, each one pretty depressing, including one where you ‘win’ which shows just how far people will go to hurt someone they once loved.  There are no winners in this game, just a broken human being acting like a monster as she struggles to just open the door and smile.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Open The Door And Smile Here (Windows Only)