Open Wheel Manager 2 – Beta Sign Up

Open Wheel Manager 2 is an F1 style management sim where you attempt to develop a car, team and drivers to be the best in the world.

In Open Wheel Manager 2 you are essentially put in charge of an F1 team (albeit without an F1 licence) and given the task of managing them to victory. You will find suitable sponsors, develop the car, hire the right people, build your headquarters and plan racing strategies. You start with 100% ownership of your team, but you may need to sacrifice some of that to claim those podium spots.

It may not have an F1 licence, but other than that it looks like a very authentic take on the open wheel racing management genre. You’ll have plenty of freedom to manage the team as you like and there’s plenty of tinkering to be done with the vehicle. Sign up for the Beta to see if your team can get into pole position.

Sign Up For The Open Wheel Manager 2 Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)