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operation clarion

Operation Clarion is a very stylish and atmospheric space adventure in which you play a lone astronaut sent on a rescue mission to find three lost pilots on a strange foreign planet.

At its heart Operation Clarion is a short platforming adventure game, in which you explore the planet looking for the pilots and trying to find a way off the planet (as your ship was destroyed after it malfunctioned and crash landed).  The platforming sections aren’t particularly tricky, but the games unique control scheme makes things a little trickier, as well as making the game feel more like an authentic astronaut experience.

All the movement of your character is controlled with the WASD keys and the spacebar – including aiming the direction your character walks in, while the mouse is solely used to control the direction of your head, which can look around within the confines of your space suit.  This may seem like a small feature, but it does wonders to immerse yourself in the experience, making you feel like a man in a spacesuit, rather than a spacesuit avatar.

The audio and visual design throughout Operation Clarion’s 10 minute play time are superb as you explore the barren alien landscape.  The fact that the only noise on this beautiful low poly planet comes from you (your footsteps and breathing) only cements the feeling of loneliness and vulnerability as you search for your crewmates in this impressive outer space adventure, packed with style and atmosphere.

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