Operation ECHO – Alpha Demo

Operation ECHO is a very impressive Metal Slug and Megaman inspired run n’ gun side scrolling shoot ‘em up built within the GZDoom engine, which sees you blasting your way through an army of mutant who have overrun Earth.

First thing’s first, the GZDoom engine is built specifically for running old school Doom-style FPS games, so quite how the devs behind Operation ECHO have managed to create a fully functioning side-scrolling action platformer from it is a mystery. What’s more, it’s actually a very good game too – playing like a blend of Metal Slug and Megaman as you run, jump and shoot beautifully animated mutant monstrosities with your selection of high powered weaponry.

The current demo build features one large level that takes around 20 minutes to play through. Your main gun has three different fire modes depending on how much charge it has, there are also weapon power-up scattered around the level and you can also call for backup from a sidekick who drops by for a few seconds. You also have the ability to dodge, power-jump, use a shield and use a grappling hook (which could use a little work).

Once you stop asking yourself “how the hell have they managed to build this in the GZDoom Engine?”, then you’ll find Operation ECHO to be a very impressive side scrolling action platforming adventure on its own merits. It’s still early in development so does have a few little niggles (such as the grappling hook mechanics and the roadblocks where you have to blast an inanimate wall for ages), but the gameplay, soundtrack and pixel art animation are superb throughout and it’s packed full of mutant blasting arcade action. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Operation ECHO Here (Windows)