Operation YAKUBA – Alpha Download

Operation YAKUBA is a great little Operation Wolf-esque on-rails shooter that sees you blasting your way through an entire army on your little green Game Boy screen.

In Operation YAKUBA you take control of a helicopter gunner who shoots their way through an entire army of soldiers and bosses. The gameplay is simple – just point and shoot at enemies before they shoot you, making sure you reload so you don’t run out of bullets.

The Controls are a little odd (TAB to reload) but once you get a get a handle on it, Operation YAKUBA offers up some very enjoyable retro arcade fun. There are four stages planned, but the current build features three, which are very much works in development, but it’s a fun little slice of retro on-rails shooting action that looks great sitting inside its faux Game Boy screen. Well worth checking out for some retro Game Boy gun fun.

Download The Operation YAKUBA Alpha Here (Windows)