Opoid – Game Jam Build Download


Opoid is a short and surreal game built for the Global Game Jam that tasks you with exploring beautiful two-tone landscapes to find glowing glyphs.

Taking around 20 minutes to complete, the gameplay of Opoid isn’t much to write home about, you simply explore different themed areas of the world, while hunting down glyphs which open up the next set of levels.  Touch anything on these levels other than the glyph and you’re sent back to the start, which makes things a bit trickier later on in maze-style levels and (a particular highlight) a Frogger-esque level where you avoid boars and machine guns.

The striking visual design is what makes Opoid, a joy to explore.  Each level has a different theme, accompanied by a different two-tone color scheme – you’re never sure what’s coming next, from floating trees to flying machine guns, but it’s always guaranteed to look fantastic.  A stroll through a spectacular and surreal two-tone world.

Download Opoid HERE or HERE (Win Only)