Opposite Edge of Slumber – Game Jam Build

Opposite Edge of Slumber is a tense and atmospheric text based SCi-Fi adventure where you find yourself trapped within a dream that resembles a strange abandoned space station.

In Opposite Edge of Slumber you find yourself trapped in a space station that represents a dream you can’t wake up from. You need to explore the station and search for the various keys and useful items that will allow you access to the Portal which can help you wake up.

Opposite Edge of Slumber is played out entirely via a text based interface, with you using basic Verb + Noun commands (such as “Examine Key”) and North, East, South and West directions to move your character through the station. You also have a special command in the form of “focus vision” which can help your character see better in areas and spot more objects to interact with.

Considering Opposite Edge of Slumber is entirely text based, it’s a very atmospheric experience which does a great job of building the world around you. There’s a lot to discover and it can get a little disorientating at times so it’s best to draw a map to help you navigate. Maybe it’ll help you escape from your slumber.

Play Opposite Edge of Slumber Here (Browser)