oQo – Prototype

oQo game

oQo is a slick little puzzler in which you ride waves to travel across a minimalist pulsing universe.

In oQo you control a strange little water droplet-shaped entity that travels across the game world by riding along the expanding circumference of pulsing waves. The waves emanate from different nodes that are placed throughout the game world and have quite different attributes – some expand slowly, some expand fast, some stop when you touch them, some don’t allow you to move one you touch them, and so on.

The current oQo prototype takes around five minutes to complete and impresses with its minimalist visual style and inventive puzzle design that requires a little experimentation as you figure out the rules of the pulsing game world. A clever and chilled out little wave riding puzzler well worth checking out.

Download or Play The oQo Prototype Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)