Orange County – Alpha Demo

Orange County is a first person skateboarding horror game where you skate around a neighborhood of beige buildings, use vending machines and attempt to avoid the increasing traffic on the roads.

We previously featured a game jam build of Orange County on Alpha Beta Gamer last August, and although it was quite a barebones experience, it really impressed with its concept and claustrophobic atmosphere. This latest build is still very much a work in progress, but it adds the ability to jump, do grinds and to get snacks and beverages from vending machines.

Unlike the last build, this version of Orange County has an end goal – you have to use a certain amount of the vending machines hidden around the neighborhood. The drawback being that the more vending machines you visit, the more cars the roads and the higher your chances of becoming a hood ornament on one of them. Your vision also gets a little shaken up due to the adrenaline of near-misses, but grabbing a snack or beverage from a handy vending machine can settle you down.

Orange County is still clearly early in development so is far from feature complete, but the core concept is a hell of a lot of fun and it’s quite a tense experience skating around in the dark. It would be perfect for fleshing out with objectives, tricks and some sort of point system (for tricks/near misses/etc.) – or even just the ability to grab onto the back of one of the cars and go for a ride! It’s certainly worth keeping an eye on as the dimly lit streets of Orange County have a lot of potential.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play The Orange County Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Browser)