Orange Moon – Alpha Demo

orange moon

Orange Moon is a challenging 2D action platformer in which you explore the ruins of an advanced alien civilisation, battling enemies, gathering resources, finding secrets and upgrading your character.

Your character has some pretty nifty abilities, including double jumping, rocket boosting, hurling grenades and using a flamethrower.  As you progress you can purchase upgrades and unlocks to better prepare you for the harsh terrain and deadly enemies on the moon.  Even once upgraded though, your character isn’t a bullet sponge – you’ll need to be careful as you explore Orange Moon’s depths.

It’s still pretty early in development, but Orange Moon’s core gameplay already impresses with it’s core gameplay.  The character movement feels nice and weighty and the moon is an interesting place to explore – filled with secrets and deadly enemies that present a serious challenge.

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Download The Orange Moon Alpha Demo Here (Win & Linux)