Orb Lands – Alpha Demo

orb lands game

Orb Lands is a beautiful and chilled out first person shooter in which you’re dropped into randomized low poly environments and must hunt down the mysterious floating orbs that inhabit them.

There’s very little to fear as you roam the randomly generated micro-worlds of Orb Lands – there are no hazards and the glowing orbs that float around in random directions will be destroyed if they touch you. This means that you can explore the beauty of each beautiful low poly world at your leisure, taking the occasional potshot at any orbs you come across along the way.

It’s still very early in development and there’s no real end objective at the moment – you just shoot all the orbs to travel on to the next world (which will have one extra orb to shoot), but it’s a wonderfully tranquil experience that’s packed full of beautiful scenery. The whole thing could be an interactive digital stress-toy as it’s a very relaxing experience, and the orbs are very satisfying to shoot too, especially when you manage to take one out from a distance. A super chiled out shooter well worth checking out.

Follow The Development of Orb Lands Here

Play The Orb Lands Alpha Demo Here (Browser – Doesn’t Work On Chrome)

Thanks to RPS for the Heads Up About This Game!