Orbital Bullet – Alpha Demo

Orbital Bullet is a very fast paced roguelike action platformer where you blast your way through procedurally generated planets that wrap around like the levels in Resogun.

In Orbital Bullet you control a lone soldier as they blast their way through procedurally generated worlds populated by mechanical monsters. Each world is made up of a handful of 360° cylindrical levels that you can climb up and teleport between. To climb up You need to kill all the enemies to allow you to climb up through the levels and along the way you can grab some nifty upgrades and weapons.

The current build of Orbital Bullet features the first world of the game and culminates in a big boss fight atop the final cylinder. The way the cylindrical levels wrap around is very cool and the run ‘n gun action platforming gameplay is a lot of fun. The upgrades you collect can really come in handy (such as the rocket boots) and there’s a nice selection of weapons – a particular highlight being a sniper gun that can shoot a bullet right around the level. It makes for a very addictive slice of wrap-around robot-blasting action well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Orbital Bullet Alpha Demo Here (Steam)