Orc Colony – Alpha Download

Orc Colony is a very addictive management sim that allows you to build a massive underground orc colony, with you mining for valuable resources, forging weapons, fulfilling requests for your king and raiding nearby human settlements.

In Orc Colony you are placed in charge of your own underground orc settlement, from which you can build a massive sprawling mining system. As you dig through the earth you’ll find resources to mine, such as rocks, silver, gold, emeralds, copper, iron and mithril. You can build in any direction, but digging down is usually the best option, as the deeper you go the more valuable the resources you’ll find.

Rocks can be turned into stone and silver, gold and emeralds are all converted into gold, with the stone and gold being used to purchase new buildings. The copper, iron and mithril can be smelted into ingots and then crafted into weapons and armor. These weapons and armor can then either be sold for a big profit or used to kit out a warband to aid them raiding a human settlement. Now and again the king will make requests for certain resources – you’ll need to try your best to fulfil these requests or he’ll lose faith in you and order you to abandon the colony.

Mining and crafting are an important part of running a successful Orc colony, but just as vital is the infrastructure and keeping your orks happy. Goblin porters are the lifeblood of the colony, grabbing resources and taking them to where they need to be. The porters and the orcs need a place to sleep so you have to sort out rooms for them. Even more important is keeping your orcs fed – you’ll need to build piggeries, butchers, kitchens and dining rooms to keep their bellies full. If the orcs grow dissatisfied with the accommodation or food then they’ll leave and never come back.

Orc Colony is still early in development and there are lots of planned features (including RPG-style combat and humans raiding your colony) but it’s already a very addictive game. It’s a remarkably satisfying experience building your little colony into a massive sprawling underground city, with the lure of more valuable resources the deeper you go. Highly recommended.

Download Orc Colony Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)