Orion Trail – Alpha Demo

Orion Trail

Orion Trail is a wonderful mix of FTL and The Oregon Trail that sees you commanding your Star Trek-esque vessel across the deadly Orion Trail, embarking on missions full of bizarre random encounters.

After choosing your captain, crew and ship you set out across the Orion Trail.  On the way you must decide how to deal with many strange encounters – from tentacle monsters infecting your crew to an infestation of warp weasels.  Once you’ve made a decision about how to deal with the problem, the outcome is decided based on your skill in that particular area and a dice throw – inevitably having an impact on your food, fuel, hull, and red shirt levels (run out of any of these and you’ll perish).

Still easily in development, Orion Trail is shaping up very nicely, full of charming pixel art, fun space adventures and a great sense of humor.  Fingers crossed it boldly goes where many games have gone before – and gets greenlit on Steam.

Vote for Orion Trail on Greenlight HERE

Download or Play the Alpha Demo in a Unity Supported Browser HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)

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