Orphan Age – Kickstarter Demo

Orphan Age is a dystopian cyberpunk life sim which sees you attempting to help a group of orphan children survive in a procedurally generated war torn city.

Playing a little like a blend of The Sims and This War of Mine, Orphan Age sees you attempting to help a group of orphans survive in a war torn cyberpunk city. Each child in your group is a unique character with their own needs and skills. They all have unique procedurally generated backstories too, created from 20 archetypes and 40 different character traits.

Orphan Age is played from an isometric view and has a UI that has a lot in common with The Sims. Each character has a mood which is affected by their hunger, tiredness, health, loneliness and care levels. You need to take care of the children’s needs, whilst also getting them to gather resources and build upgrades for the orphanage they live in.

It’s an interesting game that feels like a more hardcore and more substantial take on the classic Sims gameplay – instead of worrying about saving up enough cash to buy a new car or TV, you’re worrying about trying to keep a keep your band of kids safe, happy and alive. A dystopian life sim that feels like you’re really making a worthwhile difference in the characters lives.

Check Out the Kickstarter & Download The Demo Here (Windows)