Orudo Taima – Game Jam Build Download

Orudo Taima is a quirky 2D action platformer where you explore an island, battle weird goblin monsters and attempt to scavenge resources to fix up your boat.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, in Orudo Taima you take control of an old man who is the last (human) inhabitant on a forsaken island. After receiving a message that he may be a father the old man decides to leave the island in search of answers, but his ship is in a state of disrepair so will need to be fixed up with scrap he can find on the island.

You visit different locations around the forsaken island where you can grab resources and load them up onto the back of your truck. At each location you’ll also find maps that lead you to new locations where you can find more stuff. Things start off fairly easy, but it soon becomes apparent that the island isn’t quite as uninhabited as you first thought, with lots of goblin-esque monsters who don’t take kindly to you stealing their scrap. Thankfully you can fight back, and most of the scrap you collect can be used as a weapon and also has a useful secondary function – such as propelling you high into the air or giving you a boost.

It’s an odd little game that really impresses with its charming pixel art animation and fun action platforming gameplay. The secondary abilities of the various scrap parts is a nice touch and being able to build up your ship with the scrap you collect is very satisfying. See if you can escape the forsaken island!

Download Urudo Taima Here (Windows & Mac)