ORUL – GameJam Build

ORUL is a clever little PICO-8 powered puzzle platformer where you control two linked characters as they traverse slightly different versions of the same world.

In each single screen level of ORUL your aim is simple – reach the exit at the side of the screen. However, you’re not just controlling one character, you’re controlling two characters that are physically linked. This means that if one character stands on a platform then the other character will stay at the same position in its alternate version of the world, even if there’s nothing for them to stand on. Things start off fairly easily, but as you progress various types of disappearing/reappearing platforms are introduced to ramp up the difficulty.

It’s a fun game with some inventive level design that makes great use of the dual character/alternate world premise. Well worth checking out for five minutes of mirror world platforming fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play ORUL Here (Browser)