Ossuarium – Game Jam Build Download

Ossuarium is a point and click horror adventure that’s filled with dark humor and tells the tale of how a couple living in medieval Bohemia are afflicted by a terrible curse.

Created for the AdvXJam 2021, Ossuarium is a short point and click adventure that takes some very dark twists as a couple fall foul to a terrible curse. It takes place during the early stages of The Black Death (bubonic plague) and follows a husband and wife who believe they’ve been cursed by a witch’s child who lives in the woods. The truth, it turns out, is far worse…

It could do with a little better audio design as there’s very little in the way of any sound FX, but other than that it’s a great little point and click adventure. The hand drawn artwork is excellent, the characters are interesting and the dark tale it weaves is both horrifying and hilarious.

Download Ossuarium Here (Windows, Mac and Linux)