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OTHER: Her Loving Embrace is a charming and creative RPG adventure that combines classic RPG gameplay with inventive puzzles and an innovative Undertale-esque real-time action platforming combat system.

In OTHER: Her Loving Embrace you follow the adventure of Gersholm, a gifted young boy who is investigating the source of the spirits that have been terrorizing his hometown. He’s accompanied by a masked man, known only as “Wizard”, who knows a bit about the spirits and aims to get rid of the spirits in exchange for a fee. However, it appears that the duo may have bit off more than they can chew, and they soon find themselves trapped in a mysterious temple that’s home to a very powerful rage-filled spirit.

The demo build of OTHER: Her Loving Embrace takes around two hours to play through and is a delightful romp from start to finish. The traditional exploration gameplay, levelling up and loot is handled similarly to traditional Zelda style top-down RPGs, but there’s a big focus on using your powers to solve Sokoban-esque puzzles and the combat system is very different.

The combat plays a little like the mini-game based combat in Undertale, but it’s much more fleshed out. When you cast spells you complete simple Undertale-esque minigames to see if they’re successful and when you perform a normal attack you actually control your character and fight in real-time – like a 2D action platforming beat ‘em up. When your opponent attacks then you also have direct control of your character and have to learn the attack patterns and dodge them.

Even in these early stages of development OTHER: Her Loving Embrace is a very impressive RPG adventure. The characters are interesting, the pixel art animation is excellent, the puzzles are very creative, the world is packed full of secrets and the real-time combat is a lot of fun. It feels like a very fresh take on the traditional top-down RPG adventure and there’s always an interesting new discovery around the corner. Highly recommended.

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