Otherland – Beta Key Giveaway


Otherland is a fantastic looking new Unreal Engine powered MMORPG that allows you to explore the expansive virtual multiverse of worlds created in the highly acclaimed novels by Tad Williams.

It’s an ambitious game, creating a multitude of differently themed planets for you to explore and do battle on.  Themes range from Sci Fi to high fantasy and beyond, all with their own landscapes, NPCs, outfits and weapons.  Even in Beta, the game looks stunning, and the fast paced combat plays more like an action game than an MMORPG.

Otherland has been a long time in development, but it certainly seems like the wait will be worth it.  The second Closed Beta test is due to start towards the end of the month and we have 1500 Beta Keys to giveaway! 

UPDATE: Giveaway finished, better luck next time!

4 thoughts on “Otherland – Beta Key Giveaway”

  1. How long does account “activation” take? I went through the email activation process and entered my key. It left me with a screen that says to wait until my account has been activated. It’s been 2 hours.

    • Hi! Info at the bottom of the registration form: “Your application will be reviewed within a few working days and you will be notified via e-mail if your account is activated for this CBT. You will also receive your account information via mail, so please make sure that you type in the right information.”

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