Otherside – Game Jam Build Download

Otherside is a charming little retro styled adventure where you attempt to help people in a small town in Limbo, to earn soul coins which you can use to buy passage to the afterlife.

Created for the GMC Jam 36, In Otherside you take on the role of a soul who has found themselves stuck in a small town held within a Limbo between life and death. To pass on to the afterlife you’ll need to find some Soul Coins, which you can earn by completing mini-quests for the other inhabitants.

The developer Gizmo199 did run out of time during the game jam so didn’t get a chance to flesh out the town and mini-quests as much as he’d like, but the core concept and gameplay are great and the pixel artwork is excellent. A great touch is how you can complete the game by just completing one side-quest, but your chances of beating the boss will be better if you help more people and the boss’ attacks are different depending on what quests you complete. See if you can earn your passage to the afterlife!

Download Otherside Here (Windows)