Otherworld – Prototype Download

Otherworld is a tense little first person horror game where you use your power to see into the “Otherworld” to help you escape from the hospital where you were experimented on.

You start Otherworld alone on a hospital bed in a facility where they appear to have been experimenting on you and your ability to see into the “Otherworld”. You can enter the Otherworld by pressing the right mouse button, and it looks pretty similar to the normal world, but everything is a little more sinister, there are messages scrawled over the walls and it contains some useful objects you can use to aid your escape.

None of the puzzles are particularly hard and there are no big scares, but Otherworld has a great sense of atmosphere and there are some excellent little touches – such as the way the writing on notes changes when you enter the Otherworld. A short spooky paranormal horror adventure well worth checking out.

Download The Otherworld Prototype Here (Windows)