OTXO – Alpha Demo

OTXO is a brutal Hotline Miami-esque top-down roguelike shooter where you blast your way through a mysterious ever-shifting mansion in search of your lost love.

In OTXO you wash up on a beach with no memory of how you got there. Up ahead of you is a large mansion though and it looks like you’ll find some answers in there. After a quick drink at the bar (which gives you a perk) you then set off into the mansion, guns blazing, leaving a trail of blood and destruction in your wake.

The gameplay in OTXO is much like Hotline Miami, but with a roguelike framework, randomly generated maps and a cool black, white and red visual style. The game promises over fifty abilities to discover and a nice variety of weapons to blow enemies away with.

At the moment OTXO doesn’t quite manage to match the satisfying flow of Hotline Miami (perhaps due to you having to kick your way through every door), but it shows a lot of promise. The visual style is great, the guns feel good and the roguelike elements mean it has plenty of replayability. Time to coat those white floors with buckets of blood!

Download The OTXO Alpha Demo Here (Steam)