Our Monsters – Alpha Download

Our Monsters is a short narrative based experience that explores the different forms that the many different “monsters” of depression take.

Although it afflicts hundreds of millions of people worldwide, there’s still a lot that goes misunderstood about depression and the different forms it takes. This is partly because people suffering from depression often feel uncomfortable talking about it. Our Monsters has been created to help shine a light on the “Monsters” of depression to help make them a little less scary.

The devs of Our Monsters have taken interviews from real people suffering from depression and used them to tell the story of Ellie – a young woman suffering from all the monsters of depression. As Ellie goes about her day she shares her thoughts on how the monsters affect her daily life – such as the monster that make it hard to get out of bed, the monster that doesn;t want you to open up to other people or the monster that makes you feel like you’re getting nowhere and going around in circles.

It still has a few rough edges animation-wise, but Our Monsters is a great little project that offers an insightful look at the different forms that depression manifests itself. As with most things, the more you know about depression, the more equipped you are to deal with it, as the devs say themselves “monsters aren’t so scary if you shine a light on them”.

Download The Our Monsters Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)