Ouroboros – Beta Download

Ouroboros is a dark Event Horizon-esque narrative based Sci-Fi adventure with survival horror elements that sees you dispatches to a massive research ship in space where it seems they’ve been meddling with things best left alone.

In Ouroboros you take on the role of Julie Ryans, a disgraced reporter who has been sent undercover to find out what exactly is happening on the UNSS Ouroboros – a research space station that has been haemorrhaging money and whose Tech Officer (who you’re sent in to replace) has recently committed suicide. Needless to say it soon becomes apparent that the scientist onboard are messing with forces best left alone and things go catastrophically bad soon after your arrival onboard the ship. As she attempts to save the ship Julie has to make peace with her own inner demons, while also avoiding the monsters that now lurk within the ship.

Ouroboros is still in development so there are a few bugbears, such as the confusing hacking system and the fact that It really needs to add checkpoints before sections where you can die – as replaying sections of a narrative based adventure (no matter how good the narrative) soon becomes tiresome. The narrative is very intriguing though and very well written. The audio and visual design is also very impressive, helping build a real sense of atmosphere and terror as you deal with the many dark and disturbing surprises the UNSS Ouroboros has to offer.

Download Ouroboros Beta Here (Windows)