Out of CTRL – Game Jam Build Download

Out of CTRL is a dark little text based adventure where you hold a conversation with a strange old computer on a broken keyboard that only allows you to respond via copy and pasting previous words in the conversation.

Created for the GMTK Game Jam 2020, in Out of CTRL you follow the story of a woman who happens across an old computer. The computer has fallen into disrepair and most of the keyboard is wrecked, but you can use the CTRL, C, V and X keys, which allows you to copy and paste parts of the previous conversation to respond to the computer. Aside from the broken keyboard there’s something strange about the computer and the questions that it asks about you seem to suggest it knows more about you than it really should…

It seems that a lot of the time it doesn’t really matter what you say in the conversation, which is a little disappointing but probably due to the constraints of the game jam. It’s a great concept though that would be perfect for expanding on and it would be interesting to learn more of the story.

Download or Play Out of CTRL Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)