Out Of Hands – Beta Demo

Out Of Hands is an incredibly weird narrative-driven horror card game where your body is made of hands and you attempt to retrieve a lost memory of a mysterious girl.

In Out Of Hands your character is tormented by the fragmented memories of a woman who is no longer in his life. Throughout the game you’ll work through these memories and try to reconcile them while protecting your heart from theats.

The core gameplay in Out Of Hands is roguelite card-based combat, where you use your hands to battle mental struggles and retrieve lost memories. Each battle is essentially you fighting against a lost memory. You can use your hands to pick up weapon cards and attack bad thoughts (and the lost memory) and you also unlock useful upgrades for your face which give you powerful perks.

It’s a very original game with a fantastic hand-collage visual style, an intriguing narrative and cleverly implemented card-based combat. The demo is packed full of content (the challenge mode also has plenty of replayability) and is already a very polished experience. Hands down this is a ton of fun. Highly recommended.

Check Out A Gameplay Video Demo Here

Download The Out Of Hands Beta Demo Here (Steam)