Out of Mind – Game Jam Build Download

Out of Mind

Out of Mind, a dread-filled dungeon crawler made for the Ludum Dare 32, in which you must traverse a dark asylum avoiding your own memories at all costs.

In this dark game, you play as a person in an asylum, looking for a way out. Memories, conjured up by your paranoia, chase you around this relatively confined levels. Memories lurk around any corner and just looking at them hurts. You must avoid looking directly at them. If you look at them for too long, static takes over your screen and you die.  There is no other way to fight off these memories. You must avoid the while trying to find the light at the exit.

Out of Mind is quite creepy, with an overall feeling of dread, and is best played with a headset. It also has an interesting message – ignore your problems and they’ll go away. Are you able to escape the asylum or will your memories be too haunting?

Download or Play Out of Mind in a Unity Supported Browser HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)