Out of Orbit – Open Beta

Out of Orbit is a space survival adventure where you explore the universe, complete missions, battle bosses and build your very own spacecraft.

Featuring a mixture of top-down combat, exploration and base-building, Out of Orbit will see you attempting to survive and thrive in randomly generated universes. You’ll be able to use wormholes to travel different universes and then take on eight different types of missions – Strike, Smash, Rescue, Heist, Support, Assassination, Intel and Scouting. You’ll also be able to collect rare ores and research and craft new technology.

Out of Orbit is currently playable in single-player only, but multiplayer is planned and you can already create and share your own custom missions. The Beta is live now, so jump in to see if you can survive where no man has gone before.

Sign Up For The Out of Orbit Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)