Out of the Game – Student Game Download

Out of the Game is a fun little first person puzzle game where you play games within the game to escape from a game within a game!

Created as a project for the Glasgow School of Art, Out of the Game is essentially the Inception of video games, with lots of game-within-a-game madness. It takes place within a small dorm room inside a video game that you have to figure out how to escape. Littered around the room are various objects you can interact with and games that you can play, in which you may manage to find the keys that you need to escape.

Out of the Game can be a little confusing and it is a little buggy, but it’s an interesting little puzzler with some great ideas and a fun premise. It’s great fun discovering and experimenting with the various objects in the room and there are some great little surprises throughout.

Note: You can complete Out of the Game by just walking through the wall at the side of the door but that is a bug, not a feature! The real way to complete it involves finding three keys and figuring out how they open the door.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Out of the Game Here (Windows & Mac)