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Outbuddies is an impressive new sci-fi metroidvania with a unique dual-hero control scheme and lots of depth, in which you explore a sunken city 36,000 feet below the sea.

Outbuddies tells the story of John, a marine biologist who wakes up in Bahlam (the sunken city of the old Gods) and is mysteriously connected to a supernatural Buddy-unit that can hack, scan and manipulate his surroundings. As you delve deeper into the city’s ruins you’ll need to deal with puzzles, environmental hazards, deadly creatures and powerful bosses while looking for a means of escape.

Outbuddies is playable in single player switching between characters or with a co-op with one player controlling John and one player controlling the Buddy-unit. The current build crams a lot of different gameplay mechanics into it’s (roughly) 20 minute playtime. There’s a lot to learn (a little too much at times), but it shows a lot of promise.  You unlock new abilities and equipment that will allow you to solve puzzles, battle enemies and traverse obstacles as you unearth the secrets of the ancient city.

Outbuddies is still early in development but it impresses with its beautiful pixel art visuals, realistic physics, interesting game world and unique dual-hero metroidvania gameplay that makes unearthing the mysteries of the sunken city a captivating experience. A deep sea metroidvania with plenty of depth.

Note: Outbuddies does support Keyboard controls but a control pad is highly recommended

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Download The Outbuddies Alpha Demo Here (Windows)