Outer Wilds – Alpha Download

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is a wonderful space exploration adventure that gives you 20 minutes to explore and observe remarkable sights in a fascinating micro-Solar System before the Sun goes supernova.

The Universe of Outer Wilds is a joy to explore, filling you with awe and wonder as you unearth it’s secrets and investigate unexplained phenomena.  Starting out on your home planet, where you can chat to locals, learn the basics and acquire the all important launch codes for your ship (only required for the first play though), you then suit up and launch into space.

You’ll only have 20 minutes to explore, but each play though is almost guaranteed to reveal some wondrous sights you previously missed.  Visiting all the planets is only part of the fun, it also depends on what time you visit them, as they can be drastically different depending on your timing.  Things will happen whether you’re there to witness them or not, and you can re-live this Solar Systems final 20 minutes indefinitely.  It’s Groundhog Day: The Space Odyssey – a beautiful, charming and slightly mad space oddity.  Highly Recommended.

UPDATE: Alpha No Longer Available

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