Outlier – Student Project Game

Outlier is a dark and atmospheric first person Sci-Fi stealth puzzle adventure that sees you using cameras and terminals to hack your way through a hive-mind controlled machine world.

In Outlier you take control of a lone rebel robot who is attempting to escape from a a hive mind and its mechanical minions. This may not be easy though as there are robots patrolling the area and there are lots of gates that require you to hack them in order to open them,

The hacking in Outlier sees you using security cameras to guide beams of energy towards their destination. The hacking puzzles aren’t that tough, but it’s great fun figuring out the mechanics and getting access to the cameras allows you to see a lot more of the game world – including graffiti that suggests there may be more rebel robots like you nearby.

The stealth sections can be a little irritating due to the slow pace of the robots and the limited view you have when hiding, but there’s not that many of them anyway and they’re usually pretty short. The camera hacking puzzles, tense atmosphere and interesting game world more than make up for any frustrations with the stealth though. The robot filled game world is a fascinating place to explore and you learn a lot about it by observing your surroundings throughout the Outlier’s entirely wordless playtime. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Outlier Here (Windows)