Outpost 9 – Alpha Demo

Outpost 9 game

Outpost 9 is a very cool and creepy sci-fi horror game that blends a text adventure-style narrative with a point and click interface and stylish minimalist visuals as you attempt to outsmart an alien monster that’s lurking in the space station you work on.

There’s a heavy Alien movie vibe about Outpost 9, with the entire game viewed through a motion detector-styled green monitor screen and a beeping noise that increases in frequency as the alien gets closer to your character. The current demo build takes around 10 minutes to complete and sees you controlling captain Omaha as he ventures into the station searching for a means of sending out a distress signal while avoiding the lurking alien menace.

Outpost 9 is primarily a text based adventure, but you don’t actually write commands, you simply click on one of a selection of possible actions for your character to perform. You have to search the area, solve puzzles and occasionally run for shelter in the upper vents when the alien gets too near (keep the volume turned up so you can hear the beeping increase as a warning).

It’s an interesting concept that draws a very tense atmosphere from its minimalist visuals and creepy audio design. You never actually see the alien, but the fact that most of the game is text based allows your imagination to fill in the blanks – which is very easy to do if you’ve ever seen any of the Alien movies!

Download The Outpost 9 Alpha Demo Here (Windows)