Outpost Glacier – Alpha Download

Outpost Glacier is a first person open world survival game where you scavenge, craft, build and hunt in a frozen wasteland.

Forget global warming, the icy world of Outpost Glacier has undergone some serious global cooling, with the entire planet now plunged into sub-zero temperatures. You take on the role of a lone survivor who must scavenge resources, craft useful items, build structures and hunt as you attempt to carve out a life for yourself in the icy tundra.

The Alpha build of Outpost Glacier serves as an introduction to the game and sees you finding an old outpost that you can upgrade and use as a base of operations. It takes around 30 minutes to play through, but you can continue to play on after, as there are more craftable objects you can build on your own and some fun little easter eggs to discover around the area – such as a fully functioning snowmobile!

It’s still early in development so is far from content complete and has a few rough edges (such as the way you have to stick rigidly to the tutorial instructions), but it shows a lot of promise. The user interface and crafting options are very intuitive, the visuals are beautiful (the snow deformation is a nice touch) and there’s lots to discover as you explore the wilderness. An easily accessible and chilled out (literally) survival adventure well worth embarking on.

Download The Outpost Glacier Alpha Here (Windows)