Outpost is a charming management sim that tasks you with helping your crew survive in a remote mining facility on a hostile planet until rescue.  It’s simple, Prison Architect graphical style belies a deceptively tricky game, which is an ongoing balancing act of building defences, mining, hunting and resource management.

This balancing act is pretty hard to get to grips with initially as there are so many things to keep tabs on that you’re constantly running out of one resource or another.  A tutorial would be a welcome addition, but once you get to grips with the game, it presents satisfying challenge.  A challenge that only increases as earthquakes, freezing storms and local wildlife disrupt the base operations.  Also, there’s also the small matter of what killed the previous occupants of the base, and when it’s coming back.

It’s a challenging balancing act that will force you to make sacrifices and difficult choices along the way.  It’s doubtful all of your cute little engineers will survive, but hopefully they won’t die in vain!

Update: Beta No Longer Available