Outrunning Space! (a.k.a. URL Bar Runner) – Game Jam Build

Outrunning Space! (a.k.a. URL Bar Runner) is a very simple, but remarkable little single button auto-runner that plays out in the URL bar of your browser!

The actual gameplay in Outrunning Space! is very basic, with you just pressing any key to jump over the obstacles that come your way. If you jump an obstacle your score will go up and if you hit an obstacle you’ll move closer to the # to the left of you. Once you hit the # then it’s game over and your score is displayed between the two #’s.

It’s not the gameplay that’s special about Outrunning Space! though, it’s where the game is being played. God knows what wizardry the devs have used to turn the URL bar into a video game but it works surprisingly well and is a very impressive technical achievement. It’s surely only a matter of time until someone gets Doom running in a URL bar now!

Play Outrunning Space! (a.k.a. URL Bar Runner) Here (Browser – Press Any Key To Start)