Outside – Game Jam Build Download

Outside is a stylish little dystopian puzzle adventure set in a future where humanity lives in the sky to avoid danger, but you have to descend to top up the energy cell for your living quarters.

In Outside’s dystopian future people have taken to living in small pods that are fixed to poles hundreds of feet in the air. It may not be an ideal living arrangement, but it does keep them safe from the dangers lurking on the ground. The only issue being that they do have to descend to the ground now and again for supplies and to top up the energy cell that powers their homes. You now have to make that trip, but charging your cell isn’t going to be as easy as just plugging it in…

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, there’s a nice selection of puzzles to solve in Outside as you try to get the recharging station up and running. You don’t actually see and of the “dangers lurking on the ground”, but it has an eerie atmosphere and you feel very alone as you wander around the stylish low poly landscape. Hopefully the human race doesn’t have to resort to this housing solution as it’s a very inconvenient and isolated way to live!

Download Outside Here (Windows)