Outworld Battlegrounds – Open Beta

Outworld Battlegrounds is a simple, easily accessible and fun top-down battle royale game with a field-of-view vision system that means you never know if someone is creeping up behind you.

The gameplay in Outworld Battlegrounds is pretty familiar to most other battle royale games, with all the players starting armed with just a knife and scavenging weapons while fighting to be the last one standing in an ever decreasing area of play. The top-down viewpoint makes for a fun twist on the genre though, particularly as you can only see people who are in front of you and in your field of vision – everywhere else is covered in a fog of war.

It’s not the most innovative game and it’s not exactly feature packed at the moment, but Outworld Battlegrounds is good for some pick-up-and-play battle royale action and the field of view element adds an air of tension and uncertainty to the proceedings. Worth checking out for some simple, fast paced battle royale fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Outworld Battlegrounds Beta Here (Steam)