Over The Clouds – Student Game

Over The Clouds is a beautiful, mysterious and chilled out little first person puzzle platforming game where you clean the corruption from the pillars of Olympus.

Taking place high up in the skies that once belonged to the Greek gods, in Over The Clouds you are tasked with restoring the filthy and corrupt ruins of Olympus to their former glory. You do this by simply jumping onto the corrupted structures, which instantly purges them of the corruption and turns them white in the process.

Things start of fairly simply, with you just having to run and jump through the environment to cleanse it, but soon more complex gameplay elements are introduced – such as moving platforms, invisible platforms and the ability to manipulate the wind. The wind ability is particularly interesting as it allows you to alter the routes of different wind channels that lift you up and transport you to out of reach platforms, and you can even link together networks of them if necessary.

It takes around 30 minutes to play through Over The Clouds and it really impresses with its beautiful game world, peaceful atmosphere and fun puzzle platforming gameplay. There’s even a little narrative towards the end that sheds a little light on what you’re doing and a choice of two different endings. A great little godly platforming adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Over The Clouds Here (Windows)