Overcharged – Game Jam Build

Overcharged Game

Overcharged, a short but stylish little action game made for the Ludum Dare 39, has you deciding if you are going to use your overcharged battery power for good or for evil!

You are a humble robot who has been charged up with far too much energy. Now you’re a danger to anyone who comes near you and will even siphon more power from from them too. You shoot out your overcharged power, almost like bullets, and cannot stop. Most of your mind tells you to not kill anyone and attempt to de-charge, while a small part of your mind tells you to kill everyone you see!

If you do start killing the people, you will gain more power and grow in charge. You can find little bombs that will discharge you, however, they will blast out a massive circle of charge, destroying anyone in the way. With so many ways to destroy those weak humans, is it even worth trying to save them?

It’s a fun little game with great pixel art visuals and fun human splatting gameplay. Will you manage to put an end to your robot rampage or will you just massacre them all?

Play Overcharged Here (Browser & Win)