Overcursed – Game Jam Build


Overcursed, a charming and funny little supernatural point and click adventure made for the Asylum Jam 2016, has you working for your own ghost busting company, performing jobs for customers with some very surprising results!

You work for Overcursed Inc., a small ghost busting company that consists of just you and Rocky (your brave little dog). You have quite a few clients to deal with, each with a different issue at their homes. You and Rocky go to each client’s house, talk to them on the phone to find out what ‘supernatural’ problems they’re having, then try and fix the underlying issue (which is quite unlikely to be an actual ghost).

At first, these jobs are quite normal. Someone’s TV is having a lot of interference, someone else has some “bad smells” in their home that needs addressing as well as a “beast” that needs trapping. You need to explore each house, following the steps on the top of your screen. Sometimes you need to figure out how exactly to get something done. Sometimes these clients are a bit… odd.

Overcursed impresses with its charming pixel art animation, clever little plot twists and fun sense of humor. It’s quite an easy life pretending to bust ghosts and charging gullible customers lots of cash for it.  And everybody knows ghosts aren’t real… or so you think!

Check out a Full Playthrough Here

Play or Download Overcursed Here (Win & Browser)